(Clause A) The terms and conditions set out below form part of the Rental Agreement (RA) between the company identified in the RA ("us,we,our") and the hirer ("i", "you"). To hire the vehicle identified in the RA ("vehicle") ("hirer") means the person and/or company named in the RA as the hirer and any person and/or company who provides a Credit Card authority to us.

(Clause B)
Premium protection
1. Your liability will be reduced to $500 on payment of $25 per day on top of car hire rates.
2. Accident damage excess $500
3. No excess on tyre and windscreen damage
4. No excess on single vehicle accident damage
Optional Rental Cover for general accident damage
Excess is $2,500. There is no 'per day' cost on top of car hire rate for this cover.

(Clause AB)
The minimum age is 25 years old, with a current driving in English. If you have an international licence, a passport is also required.

(Clause C)
Your Policy does not cover you for any loss, damage or liability arising out of -
a) Your failure to comply with conditions of this Policy,
b) your own intentional criminal or dishonest act, or
c) when the vehicle is being used for unlawful purposes, or
d) any intentional criminal or dishonest act by you or any person acting with your consent, or
e) the illegal carrying of quantities of inflammable liquids, gases or explosives, or
f) the vehicle being driven by someone who is under 25 years of age, unless it is being " parked by a parking attendant
" repaired, serviced or tested
" used to transport a person in the event of a medical emergency.
g) Your vehicle being driven by anyone
" who is not covered under the Policy as stated on the RA (contract document),
" who does not hold a legal driving licence to drive your vehicle in Australia,
" who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs'
" whose blood alcohol reading exceeds the legal limit (unless there is a law that says otherwise),
" who, following an accident, refuses to provide or allow the taking of a sample of breath, blood or urine for testing analysis, as required by the law of the State or Territory of Australia, in which the accident occurred.
h) Your vehicle, if it runs on rails or is deliberately run in water such as in a lake or sea.

(Clause D)
In the event of an accident that may give rise to a claim, you must not
a) admit liability if an accident occurs,
b) make an offer of settlement, or promise a payment,
c) incur any costs or expenses without our written consent,
d) authorise repairs to your vehicle without our prior consent.

However, you may authorise the following;
" the fitting of an identical replacement windscreen
" emergency repairs up to $500 (over and above any applicable excess) if you are more than 200 kilometres from the normal nightly parked address and they are necessary to enable you to continue your journey.

(Clause E)
1. Report 2 vehicle accident to the police and provide us with incident report number.
2. Take all reasonable steps to secure the vehicle to prevent further loss, damage or liability.
3. Notify the police immediately if your vehicle or any of your property is stolen from the vehicle or malicously or intentionally damaged.
4. Tell us as soon as possible and we will provide you with advice on what to do.
5. Supply us with all information we will require to settle or defend the claim.
6. You must cooperate by giving us any statements, documents or assistance we require. This may include giving evidence in any legal proceedings.
7. Cooperate with us fully in any action we take if we have a right to recover any moneys payable under this Policy from any other person.
8. Send to us immediately any letters or communication from other parties.
9. Tell us immediately if any notice of impending prosecution, or details of any inquest or official inquiry.

(Clause F)
Comrehensive cover applies to the following;
1. Insurance against theft or accidental loss or damage to your vehicle.
2. Insurance against legal liability for damage caused by your vehicle to property of other people or bodily injury (as described in section 2 of CGU Insurance document).

(Clause G)
Insurance only against damage to your vehicle caused by explosion or attempted theft.

(Clause H)
1. Vehicle use north to Perth and south east to Albany (unless otherwise agreed).
2. Use restricted to bitumen roads.
3. Rates include 200km/day. Kilometres in excess charged at 25c per kilometre.

(Clause I)
1. Engine coolant and oil level check is to manufacturer's specifications, also tyre pressures are maintained to 32lbs/square inch.
2. 24 hour road break down service by the RAC (see phone number on RA sheet).
3. Vehicle to be kept locked at all times and produce keys should vehicle be stolen.
4. Under body damage due to speed humps or kerb barriers, or any object, obstruction or road surface, regardless of cause, will be your responsibility.- FULL REPAIR COSTS.

(Clause J)
1. You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally authorise us to charge to your Credit Card and/or to your account (as nominated respectively under "payment information" in the RA or in the Credit Card authority) all charges payable by you under this RA.
2. The hire charge, including any charges specified in -
Clause a) Conditions of Cover
Clause b) Maintenance, road side assistance, security
3. Any speeding and/or parking fines or any other penalties imposed on the owner in respect to the period the vehicle is hired by the customer.
4. A manual Credit Card swipe is kept for 30 days to cover costs and administration fees associated with these terms and conditions.
5. Final charges will be determined after a final inspection by our representative, which will be made as soon as possible after return to, or recovery by us, of the vehicle.

(Clause K)
Whilst the owner has at all times maintained the vehicle to a high standard, having regard to the age of the vehicle, if the vehicle suffers any mechanical failure, then the owner shall not be liable to the customer for any loss or damage suffered by the customer as a consequence of such failure on the basis that;
I. The owner will endeavour to repair the vehicle as soon as practicable.
II. Where the vehicle cannot be repaired within 24 hours, the owner will provide the customer with a replacement vehicle,

(Clause J)
The vehicle is delivered to you clean, in good operating condition, except for ordinary wear and tear, with the seal of the odometer unbroken. With manufacturer supplied tools, tyres, accessories and equipment, keys and any other items specified in the vehicle details and damage report or in the RA with the odometer and fuel reading checks as set out in the RA.
1. You are responsible for returning that vehicle to Swanto Car Hire in the same condition it was in at the start of the rental.
2. Swanto Car Hire rates include comprehensive cover and RAC road side assistance.
3. Accident damage excess will apply per incident. If the damages are less than the accident damages excess
You are responsible only for the damages and you will be refunded the difference.
4. Should the vehicle be returned after the due date and time as set out in the RA, extra charges will be Applied. The grace time will be one hour (1 hour) after which a full day rate will be charged.

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